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We believe that by bringing people together to perform a physical
activity in group will make us better, will help others to become better
and will make our world a better place.

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About fit trail.

We challenge you to challenge us - xuxus
Where fitness and running come together one exercise every one km of run
play a game while achieving your fitness and running goals by
yourself or with a group of friends meet new people and explore new places

FIT TRAIL values
We value trust honour and chivalry
Trust: we become better
Honour: we do what we say
Chivalry: we help others become better

Accept the challenge.

Greetings newcomer.
Thank you for volunteering to fit trail, where fitness and running come together.
You are now part of a restrict group of candidates that aim to become better,
stronger physically and mentally, that want to help others
to become better and that will make our place a better place.

You will achieve this by completing missions outside and through altruistic acts.
On this new life chapter you will develop to become the best
you have ever been and will grow your ranking on the way.

It will be a difficult journey, full of hardship and sometimes pain.
But you will prevail. through your grit and together with your comrades you will be better,
help others to become better and make our place a better place.
Now complete your first mission and become a recruit.


Fit Trail Challenge.

One exercise station every one kilometer of run minimun 5km
You can create missions or look for open missions
> You can create individual missions or open missions for your comrades
Can't run 5km? no worries, there is a plan for you! c25 will get you there!

FIT TRAIL ranking
c25 – couch to 5km = no 5km ftc or following ftc pt
ku – kids = up to 12y
ru - recruit = min 12y + min one 5km ftc + xx sweat drops
su - scout = min 16y + min three open 10km ftc + xx swd
eu - elite = min 18y + min three open 20km ftc + xx swd
stu - special trail = min 18y + min five open 30km ftc + xx swd

Fit Trail Series.